Oregon Hero Recognized After Many Years

During World War II, Eugene resident Fred Selko served as a medic in France. He and others serving in the 100th Infantry Division field hospital managed to evacuate a French town located in an active war zone. His courageous actions saved countless lives, and the U.S. military awarded Mr. Selko with the combat field medical badge and two bronze stars for his actions in World War II.

Mr. Selko’s son Jamie Selko contacted the office of Jeff Merkley in February 2014 inquiring to see if his father was eligible for additional recognition for his actions. Jamie was hoping to surprise his father with additional military honors at an event with the entire family.

By April, Jeff’s office had succeeded in obtaining the French Legion of Honor award for Mr. Selko. The process took a few months of coordinating with the French government, but ultimately, the Legion of Honor –the highest award in France – was awarded to Mr. Selko. Once the paperwork was completed, a ceremony to award the medal was performed in Eugene. Mr. Selko’s family flew in from Texas and Idaho to celebrate his courageous actions during World War II.

Perhaps best of all, the award came as a complete surprise to Mr. Selko, who expressed his happiness at receiving the honor.