Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley on Marriage Act, hedge funds and homeownership, other topics

— We recently interviewed U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon, on topics
important to you.

He talks about
Senate passage of the Respect for Marriage Act and how, he says, it protects
people from a Supreme Court that might tell them their marriages are invalid.

“It means that a
marriage that has been completed in any state is good in every state,” Merkley
said. “So it isn’t that you’re married in one state, and you go across the
border and suddenly you’re declared, that state says, no, you’re not married
any longer. So that is the core of what it does.”

He also discusses
hedge funds and how, he says, they have bought up a big chunk of single-family

“We have seen the dream of homeownership
really be transferred from ownership for families to ownership by the richest
Americans,” he says.

Merkley also talks
about the Veterans History Project.

“There are so many
veterans who have powerful stories about the experiences that they have had
fighting for our nation, serving overseas, and we want to make sure every
single one of them has a chance to make their stories part of our national

Lastly, Merkley
discusses the upcoming Senate runoff in Georgia between Democrat Raphael
Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker and why he thinks Warnock will win.