Oregon’s Workforce Development

Summer 2017 saw a flurry of opportunities for Oregon’s workforce development. This last July, the Economic Development Administration invested $3 million in funds to renovate Treasure Valley Community College’s Career and Technical Education facility in Ontario, Oregon. The newly expanded facility will open the door for workers within the local economy to receive training and education necessary for their professional advancement. Treasure Valley Community College’s career programs aim to supply able workers to firms requiring refined skills sets, ultimately leading to higher paying employment opportunities within the Oregon economy.

More specifically, the community college hopes to invest in their vocational-technology departments, redirecting funds towards agricultural, crop science, and welding programs. Vocational-technology programs are the forefront of worker growth, something Treasure Valley has been quick to recognize. The newfound funding further enables Treasure Valley Community College to bolster their partnership program with local school districts, enabling high school students to pursue dual credit opportunities.

Jeff is thrilled by the investment opportunity. The expansion signals a new terrain for Oregon’s workforce – one of skill and education. The power of career education for creating workforce opportunity is essential to Oregon’s progress. Programs such as the Treasure Valley Community College’s Career and Technical Education deserve support because they build up what matters most, Oregon’s home front.