Rep. Sara Jacobs, Sen. Jeff Merkley Introduce Bill To Improve Peace Negotiations, Make Negotiations Support Unit Permanent

Washington, D.C. — Rep. Sara Jacobs (CA-51) and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) introduced the bicameral Support for Peace Act, which would permanently establish the Negotiations Support Unit (NSU) at the State Department. 

The Negotiations Support Unit’s team of peace process, reconciliation, and negotiation experts provide support to U.S. diplomats at every stage of peace processes and complex political negotiations – from strategic planning through implementation – in dozens of countries, including Sudan, Ethiopia, Yemen, and more. The Support for Peace Act would establish the Negotiations Support Unit and help the team expand its geographic scope and reach to address conflicts around the world.

Rep. Sara Jacobs said: “Investing in inclusive and well-informed peace processes is key to addressing underlying grievances and permanently stopping the cycle of violence. While at the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, I worked in war-torn, conflict-affected environments and have seen that technical expertise about best practices and lessons learned from previous peace processes coupled with on-the-ground knowledge is essential for durable agreements that create stability and security. That’s why I’m proud to introduce the bicameral Support for Peace Act, which would make the Negotiations Support Unit permanent and grow the reach of their work to help save lives.”

“America’s best foreign policy tool for lasting peace is diplomacy,” said Senator Merkley. “The Support for Peace Act strengthens the State Department’s ability to advise on peace processes and conflict negotiations worldwide while building institutional memory. In doing so, this bill ensures the United States can continue playing key roles not only in addressing current conflicts, but also in building a better, more peaceful world.”