Restoring Mail Service in Cascadia

Jeff believes that all Oregonians should have access to the benefits of the United States Postal Service, which plays a crucial role in keeping friends and family connected, helping Oregonians cast their mail-in ballots, and keeping important items like medicine and federal benefits within reach. Those services have only become more important during the coronavirus crisis.

After nine frustrating years without access to the USPS in their town of Cascadia, Errol and Bobby Shervey and their neighbors reached out to Jeff for help. Errol, a Vietnam veteran, explained that he had to drive to Foster each day, a neighboring town about 10 miles away, just to pick up his mail and medicine—even during snow and ice storms and the height of coronavirus pandemic.

Jeff was eager to help restore postal service and deliveries to several families in Cascadia, including the Sherveys. He and his team are continuing to work with USPS and the U.S. Forest Service to install new mailboxes for additional families at the Cascadia Day Use Area. That ongoing work includes coordinating with the Sweet Home Ranger District on the Willamette National Forest to allow installation of a cement pad to accommodate the mail boxes. The end goal is for Errol and Bobby, along with other Cascadia residents, to be able to send and receive letters and packages without worrying about a long drive or inclement weather.

“We are all most grateful to your help and support and to Senator Merkley’s leadership in resolving this long-standing issue with the post office,” one resident wrote to Jeff’s team. “When the pandemic ends, whenever Senator Merkley visits Oregon, it is hoped that he will be able to take time from his busy schedule to stop by Cascadia so that Errol and the Cascadia families will be able to say thank you to the Senator in person. He will indeed receive a lot of elbow bumps if not hugs and handshakes.”