Sarah Moehrke

Jeff has long said that health care is a right, and not a privilege. He works to bring the best possible coverage to all Oregonians, and help people like Sarah Moehrke, an AmeriCorps volunteer in Florence, overcome the many obstacles along the way.

Sarah and six of her colleagues were struggling to get the health care they needed, so Sarah reached out to Jeff’s office to ask for help navigating the difficult system of health care. Working with Sarah, Jeff’s team realized that the AmeriCorps volunteers were wrongly denied coverage due to their small monthly stipends being calculated as income, which disqualified them from coverage.

Jeff’s team quickly jumped in to help. They reached out to Oregon Health Plan (OHP)—Oregon’s version of Medicaid—and helped clarify the volunteers’ case. OHP responded quickly to Jeff’s office and awarded the seven dedicated volunteers health care coverage, starting right away.

Sarah thanked Jeff’s team for the work that was done on their behalf, writing: “Thank you for your help in solving this issue. I know it may seem minor to you, but this is so important to me, and my representatives really stepped up to the plate and showed me what a democracy looks like. Thank you again. Thankful to be serving the great state of Oregon today, and every day.”

Being able to help Sarah and Oregonians like her motivates Jeff and his team to continue their work advocating for Oregonians whose peace of mind and quality of life are at stake.