Sen. Jeff Merkley speaks with voters in Jackson, Josephine Counties

U.S. Sen. Jeff
 (D – Oregon) visited the Rogue Valley on Sunday to speak to
constituents at Lone Pine Elementary School in Medford about their concerns. It
continued a series of town halls Merkley has taken throughout the state to
share his
 for Oregon in Congress.

The work includes local infrastructure projects in Southern
Oregon, as well as a bill that targets hedge funds and private equity investors
who are purchasing single-family homes in large numbers, contributing to the
housing crisis.

One topic Merkley addressed was the ongoing Measure
, which decriminalized most drug possession in Oregon, and the progress
seen so far.

“Across the country, people are watching to see the
results of this. Will it allow us to take money that went into long jail terms
and prisons and do a lot more to help break addiction and get people off
drugs,” Merkley said.

Hundreds of residents came out to Medford to have a chance
to speak to Merkley, with questions ranging from the ongoing Russia-Ukraine
war, continuing geopolitical threats from China and former Pres. Trump.

Earlier on Sunday, Merkley visited Grants Pass to speak to
voters in and around Josephine County.