Senate-Passed Defense Appropriations Bill Includes Over $60 Million to Protect Troops and Boost Oregon’s Development of Advanced Technologies

Washington, D.C. – The United States Senate last
night passed the fiscal year 2010 Department of Defense appropriations bill,
which includes over $60 million for Oregon projects.  Included at the
request of Oregon Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, these projects will
provide research and development of clean energy technologies, equipment to
help ensure military personnel land aircraft safely in severe weather
conditions, and updated data and voice communications systems.  The bill
also includes funding for the Oregon National Guard Reintegration Program,
which helps soldiers transition back to civilian life. 

“These grants will bolster research programs at our universities and put people
to work developing important technologies for our military personnel, from
Astoria to Merlin,” said Merkley.   “By strengthening the Oregon
National Guard, this bill will help our men and women in uniform get back to
their civilian lives when they return home.” 

with providing millions to fund job-creating advances in nanotechnology and
clean energy technologies, this bill will help Oregon National Guard members
succeed at home once their service abroad is over,” said Wyden.

Funding for the following
projects include:

Oregon National Guard Reintegration Program – $400,000 – Statewide
Funds will be used to support the ONGR program which helps returning National Guard
members transition back to civilian life.

ONAMI Nanoelectronics, Nanometrology and Nanobiotechnology Initiative – Portland State University – $4,800,000 – Multnomah County
Funds will help advance research into biomedicine, measurement/imaging and electronics. 

ONAMI Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing
– University of Oregon 
– $4,400,000 – Lane County
Funds will be used to develop safer and greener nanomaterials and
nanomanufacturing methods.

Recoil UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter Wild Land Fire-Fighting
Tank System
– Recoil Suppression
Systems, LLC – $4,000,000 – Josephine
Funds will be used to provide a wildfire tank system for the Blackhawk
helicopter to help the Army National Guard fight wildfires.

ONAMI Miniaturized Tactical Energy Systems
– Oregon State University – $3,000,000 – Benton County
Funds will be used to develop miniaturized energy systems such as
soldier power systems and advanced cooling units.

Transportable Transponder Landing System – Advanced Navigation & Positioning Corporation – $3,000,000 – Hood River County
Funds will be used to help enable all types of military aircraft to land safely
in any terrain or weather conditions.

Permanent Magnet Generator
– Wave Energy Buoy – Columbia Power
Technologies, LLC – $2,400,000 – Benton County
Funds will be used to develop an ocean tested wave power electricity generating
unit to be deployed to Navy sites.

SiC – RF Power for Airborne Avionics Systems
– Microsemi Corporation
– Power Products Group – $2,000,000
– Deschutes County
Funds will be used to develop critical components for data communication
systems on new and upgraded Air Force platforms.

Assessment of Alternative
Energy for Aircraft Ground Equipment (AGE)
 – Lektro, Inc. – $2,000,000 – Clatsop County
Funds will be used to assess new power technology applied to Aircraft Ground

F-16C (ANG) Improved Voice/Data Communications
– Rockwell Collins,
Inc. – $2,000,000 – Clackamas County
Funds will be used to upgrade voice and data communications for military

ARL-ONAMI Center for Nanoarchitectures for Enhanced Performance – University
of Oregon – $1,000,000 – Lane County
Funds will be used to continue to build early stage technology for Army
sensing, communications, portable energy storage and generation and thermal
management requirements.

Reinforcement HMMWV Repair Hood
– Miles Fiberglass &
Composites, Inc. – $1,000,000 – Clackamas County
Funds will be used to repair and reinforce High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled

U.S. Marine Corps UH-1N Helicopter Navigation Thermal Imaging Systems
– FLIR Systems, Inc. -$19,500,000 – Wilsonville
Funds will be used to upgrade a
program to improve the capability of the Navigation Thermal Imaging Systems
(NTIS) for the fleet of helicopters used by the U.S. Marine Corps.

Shipboard Protection System – FLIR Systems, Inc. –
$10,900,000 – Wilsonville
Funds will be used to support a program to deliver an integrated suite
of thermal imaging equipment designed to increase the surveillance capability
and safety of combat personnel.

Metals Affordability Initiative – $5,000,000 – Multi-state
Funds will be used to support the military war fighting capability while reducing life cycle cost through
technology innovation.  Funds will be distributed to programs in multiple
states through a competitive grant award process.