Senator Merkley Statement on Senator Manchin’s Opposition to the For the People Act

“Obviously, I’m disappointed by Senator Manchin’s position. The For the People Act is popular among Democrats, Republicans, and independents all across the country. 


“It is popular because Americans love the vision of government of, by, and for the People, and that means ending the deep corruption that comes from gerrymandering, billionaires buying elections, and attacks on the freedom and right of every American to vote.


“I wish with all my heart that this bill weren’t necessary, or that Republicans in the Senate would join us in defending Americans’ right to vote. But in the face of a coup attempt incited by a president trying to overturn an election and a nationwide attempt to ensure that the will of the voters does not determine the outcome of future elections, I am deadset against doing nothing. 


“As I have told all my colleagues many times, I am open to any conversation about the provisions of this bill, and will not give up on American democracy.”