U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley say Oregon will receive $2.48 million in federal reimbursement for fire response and hazardous debris removal from the South Obenchain and Almeda fires that tore through southern Oregon in 2020.

Wyden said, “Southern Oregon has made incredible progress recovering from these catastrophic fires, but these efforts have been challenging and expensive”. He said with more and more challenging wildfire seasons anticipated in coming years, he is gratified to see FEMA dollars go toward recovery and prevention for southern Oregon, “…as Oregonians continue to work to rebuild our communities”.

Merkley said, “Southern Oregon lost thousands of acres in the South Obenchain and Almeda fire, and the region still needs every available resource to continue their recovery”. Merkley said he is pleased to see federal reimbursement “…for these critical recovery efforts, and I will continue to fight for federal support as communities rebuild from the devastating wildfires”.

A release said starting September 8th, 2020, the fires burned a combined nearly 37,000 acres in southern Oregon. The Oregon State Office of Fire Marshal provided fire management and suppression; evacuating communities, identifying hazardous materials, and post-fire mop-up for the protection of public health, safety and property.