Students Talk Politics With Oregon Senators

EUGENE, Ore. — Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden held a political discussion with students at South Eugene High School on Thursday, at the “Listening to the Future Assembly.” 

Hundreds of kids packed into the auditorium hoping the senators could clarify some pressing issues this election season.

The kids lined up down the aisles to ask questions during the hour long assembly.

The conversation focused on the Presidential election but students touched on issues they wanted hear about.

Questions ranged from immigration and sexism, to Measure 97 and international trade agreements.

Students said the forum allowed them to express their knowledge of what’s happening in their world and hope that it informs the policies of both senators.    

“Senator Merkley and Senator Wyden coming here really helped us as students understand that we do have a connection to the government, and we do have a say,” said Sage Seipert, a senior at South Eugene High School.

Student, Hunter Spence added “I think it’s really important for politicians to come and speak and get younger kids’ input because they’re not going to receive that through voting obviously if they’re under 18.”

Senator Wyden said he was impressed by how prepared and informed the students were. 

“You got the sense that a lot of them were either voting for the first time or really reflecting on the kinds of policies that would be important for their generation,” said Senator Wyden.

He went on to say if these students were a reflection of what the future holds, it looks very promising.