Supporting Education

Jeff is committed to making education in Oregon a priority, and to helping communities around Oregon realize their education goals.

In February of 2019, the Southwest Oregon Community College (SWOCC) contacted Jeff for help with their efforts to begin construction of a new Health and Science Technology Building. SWOCC’s President, Dr. Patty Scott, had discussed the project’s delays with Jeff while he was in Bandon in January, and when these delays continued into February, the college contacted Jeff for help with a critical need: a clearance letter from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP).

Despite the fact that the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) had already allocated funding for the college’s new building, they had been stuck facing delays since December. The site for their new building sits on land which is designated historic property, and the college was stuck in a tangle of red tape with the ACHP.

The EDA sent the required notice to the ACHP on December 17, expecting a response within the required 15 days. Without the clearance letter from the ACHP, the EDA was unable to spend any of the federal dollars on any aspect of construction for the school’s new building, even preliminary assessments—despite the fact that the funds were already approved. When the college reached out to Jeff, his team jumped to action. In less than 24 hours, the ACHP provided the letter which the college had been waiting on since December.

Dr. Scott and the entire SWOCC community were thrilled. Once completed, SWOCC’s new Health and Science Technology Building will provide immediate and long-term economic benefits to the South Coast. Additionally, the new building will allow the college to increase its capacity to prepare students for jobs in health care and fast-evolving careers in science and engineering, meeting a significant regional need for new health care professionals.

Thanks to the efforts of Jeff and his team, this important project can now go forward without further delays.