Supporting Immigrant Communities

Jeff joined the Senate Appropriations Committee in 2013 so that Oregon would have a strong voice in decisions about the investments our nation should be making.

Those investments include supporting organizations like the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), which works to promote the integration of refugees, immigrants and the community at large into a self-sufficient, healthy and inclusive society. For immigrants who come to the Portland area looking to start new lives, the IRCO strives to help through various programs for youth, families, as well as programs aimed to offer employment help and language-learning.

Jeff worked to assist IRCO in winning a $187,500 grant from the Child Care Microenterprise Development Program. The Child Care Microenterprise Development Program grant helps refugee women succeed in the workplace, by providing childcare services in areas with a shortage of sufficient help. With Jeff’s support and urging, IRCO was also a recipient of both the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Refugee Career Pathways Program as well as the U. S. Department of Justice’s Comprehensive Services for Victims of All Forms of Human Trafficking Services. This money works to combat human trafficking while also ensuring that newly arrived refugees in Oregon can get their feet on the ground with job opportunities and access to childcare.