Tongue Point Jobs Corps Center

Jeff recognizes the important role workforce training programs play in communities and those they serve. That’s why it’s a priority for Jeff and his team to support these organizations as they navigate red tape from federal agencies, and to protect their workers from devastating closures.

After a Department of Labor proposal under the Trump administration threatened to eliminate staff housing at the Tongue Point Jobs Corps Center (TPJCC), Jeff and his team took action—saving all 15 families who use staff housing from being evicted. Jeff mobilized the Oregon delegation to push the Department of Labor to not only stop these families from being evicted, but also to amend operations plans to ensure that housing on the TPJCC site would be maintained. With the help of Jeff’s team, TPJCC workers and families who live on-site, such as Katrina Gasser (pictured), are no longer facing eviction, and can focus on the important work they provide for the community.

The Tongue Point Job Corps Center is an asset to Astoria and to Clatsop County—empowering low-income students through its workforce training programs. Clatsop County already faces a shortage of affordable housing, and, like the rest of the state and nation, has been hurt economically by the coronavirus pandemic. This is just one step in ensuring TPJCC students and workers receive the support they need to thrive, and Jeff and his team are continuing to work with the Department of Labor to make sure the concerns and needs of Tongue Point Job Corps Center are met.