U.S. Senate Passes Gun Safety Legislation

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Biden is calling on the House to quickly vote on a gun safety bill approved Thursday night in the Senate. Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley tweeted a video shortly after the vote, calling the bipartisan gun safety bill a victory. “It, for example, invests in mental health for our schools and our community health clinics, and it provides extra scrutiny for those under 21 who are buying a rifle, and it closes the boyfriend loophole.” He added, “These are not earth shattering, but they are substantial. And, we saw Democrats and Republicans come together and enact gun safety legislation of some significance for the first time in 30 years.”

All 50 Democrats voted for the bill, along with 15 Republicans. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she will bring quickly bring it for a vote so it can be signed by the President.