U.S. Senate Passes Jobs Bill with Bipartisan Majority

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley joined 67 of his colleagues Wednesday to pass legislation designed to create jobs.  The HIRE Act provides small businesses with tax cuts to hire new workers and invests in the nation’s infrastructure to put Americans to work. 

“The HIRE Act is a solid job creation bill that will energize our small businesses by enabling them to expand and hire new workers as the country pulls out of this recession,” Merkley said.  “In the coming months, I will continue working to create jobs – in part by pushing for the inclusion of energy efficiency renovation programs in upcoming jobs bills.  I’m pleased this bipartisan effort to put Americans back to work will soon be signed into law.”

Each of the HIRE Act’s four key provisions has enjoyed bipartisan support.  Specifically, the HIRE Act will:

  • Enact a payroll tax holiday for businesses to encourage hiring;
  • Allow small businesses to write off new investments immediately to help them grow;
  • Extend the Highway Trust Fund allowing for billions in road, bridge, and other investment and saving one million jobs; and
  • Expand of Build America Bonds program to allow states to borrow at better rates for infrastructure projects.

Having passed the House of Representatives last week, the HIRE Act will now go to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law.