Willamette University Grant Funding Saved at the Last Minute

Willamette University had been having serious trouble getting their federal System for Award Management (SAM) number verified with the federal government due to a technical problem on the federal governments end and they were days away from their registration in the system expiring. This deadline would mean that the college would not be able to receive any federal grant funding — all because of a technical glitch with the computer system.

Exasperated, Willamette University called Jeff’s office for help dealing with the red tape at the Defense Logistics Agency who was in charge of the SAM system. Jeff’s staff jumped on the case and took the time to call around to finally find the right people to fix the issue and then spent over two and a half hours on the phone with technical support making sure that the problem had been solved.

Taking the time to hunt down the right federal official and spend time on the phone with technical support to make sure the problem is fixed might seem like a small victory, however, for Willamette University this made all the difference between receiving necessary federal funding and being denied funds because of a technical problem.