WWII Veteran Receives Well-Deserved Benefits with Help from Jeff Merkley

Harley Fitzhugh from Echo, Oregon lost his hearing in the Pacific Campaign during World War II, but had been denied disability and compensation benefits for years by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans risk their lives for their country, and Jeff Merkley believes that when our veterans stand up for us overseas, we’ve got to stand up for them here at home. When Harley’s daughter Penny Gavette sought help to get her father the benefits he deserved, Jeff’s office responded.

Jeff’s staff helped Penny appeal the decision, and eventually Mr. Fitzhugh was awarded 90 percent disability rating for hearing loss as well as a 100 percent rating for post-traumatic stress disorder. On top of that, he received back pay compensation. This was a huge relief for Mr. Fitzhugh and his family who had been turned away for years and was finally getting the benefits and services that he deserved.

The family is deeply grateful to Jeff and his staff for their help and kindness. Without them, Mr. Fitzhugh and his family may still be waiting for a determination of benefits.