Wyden, Merkley: $47.7 million in USFS Secure Rural Schools funds heading to Oregon counties; $2.56 million for C.O.


 Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley announced this week that 30 Oregon counties will receive more than $47.7 million in federal payments under the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act  for schools and road maintenance, youth job training, wildfire prevention, watershed restoration and habitat conservation.

These funds, more than $2.56 million of which are going to Deschutes, Crook and Jefferson counties, are allocated from the U.S. Forest Service, with more expected from the Bureau of Land Management soon.

“The Secure Rural Schools Act has helped rural communities in Oregon and across the nation to be even better places to live and work,” said Wyden, who co-authored the original SRS law in 2000 and secured three additional years of SRS funding in the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

“This direct investment in Oregon counties will help create opportunities for young Oregonians, generate jobs and economic growth, and promote public safety. These are the types of federal investments I fought for more than two decades ago when SRS originally passed, and that I will keep battling to support rural communities throughout the state.“

“Secure Rural Schools payments are critical for our rural communities here in Oregon and across America because these investments provide essential support for our schools, key infrastructure projects, public safety, and wildfire mitigation efforts,” Merkley said. “These USFS investments in rural Oregon counties with federal forest lands will help secure the resources they need to stay safe and strong, and I’ll keep fighting to uphold the federal government’s promise to continue this vital program.” 

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The $47.7 million for SRS nationwide provides critical funding for schools, roads, and other municipal services to more than 700 U.S. counties.

A portion of U.S. Forest Service funds generated through multi-use activities, such as grazing, timber production, and special use permits supports rural counties with federal forestland to improve the health of forested communities, and can include improving schools and roads, preventing wildfire, stream and watershed restoration, improvement of fish and wildlife habitat, and opportunities for youth training and employment. 

The county-by-county breakdown for the $47.7 million from the Forest Service in Oregon is as follows:

USFS Payments

  • Baker                          $848,413.48    
  • Benton                        $107,317.09
  • Clackamas                 $1,042,555.50
  • Coos                           $59,496.69
  • Crook                         $1,169,189.57
  • Curry                         $1,169,189.57
  • Deschutes                  $941,995.57
  • Douglas                     $6,669,845.06
  • Grant                          $3,629,540.07
  • Harney                       $1,356,685.33
  • Hood River                $545,725.60
  • Jackson                       $1,462,463.54
  • Jefferson                     $456,594.85
  • Josephine                   $950,157.29
  • Klamath                     $6,372,487.62
  • Lake                            $2,417,282.25
  • Lane                            $7,764,108.96
  • Lincoln                       $1,298,614.26
  • Linn                            $2,963,361.59
  • Malheur                     $9,666.85
  • Marion                       $1,052,853.70
  • Morrow                      $159,751.08
  • Multnomah                $169,228.41
  • Polk                             $3,559.62
  • Tillamook                   $662,760.56
  • Union                          $579,491.73
  • Wallowa                     $1,082,694.16
  • Wasco                         $779,258.08
  • Wheeler                      $580,908.39
  • Yamhill                       $158,984.75

TOTALS                     $47,782,384.36