Wyden, Merkley applaud passage of critical wildfire prevention and response measure

U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley applauded the
passage of a critical measure that supports the training of National Guard
personnel on wildfire prevention and response in Oregon and nationwide.

“I’m proud that Congress has passed my provision to
support the Oregon National Guard with rapid response and wildfire prevention
training,” Wyden said. “This provision will help make sure that
Oregon communities have the support they need from well-trained and
well-equipped Guard members when the next fire season hits. I’ll keep up the
fight to secure further resources to combat wildfires and keep Oregonians safe.”

“With wildfires getting more and more intense thanks to
climate chaos, we need all hands on deck to battle these blazes and keep our
communities safe. Getting Oregon National Guard members trained and equipped to
help fight wildfires has been a huge win for bolstering our wildfire defenses
across the state, especially during the times when our resources are stretched
thinnest,” said Senator Merkley. “This provision to support the
Oregon National Guard members will help ensure they continue to have the training
and resources needed to keep Oregonians across the state protected when
wildfires break out.”

“Having your Oregon Guard members pre-trained and ready
to respond is invaluable,” said Lt. Col. Stephen Bomar, Director of Public
Affairs for the Oregon Military Department. “It supports a rapid
mobilization and ensures we have the trained personnel available to save the
lives and property of our fellow Oregonians.”  

The Wyden-led wildfire prevention and response measure was
included and passed as a part of the Fiscal Year 2023 National Defense
Authorization Act (NDAA).