Wyden, Merkley: Eastern and Central Oregon to receive $3 Million For Transportation and Economic Development

Washington, D.C.
– Continuing efforts to bring job-creating improvements back to Oregon, U.S. Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) announced that counties in eastern and central Oregon will receive more than $2.2 million in funding from the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2010.

“These investments will fuel economic development and put Oregonians to work improving infrastructure and the quality of life in their communities,” said Wyden.  “In Eastern Oregon, tourism is an increasing potential source of revenue, and this funding will help to improve the world-famous Round-Up so that it can continue to play a major role in economic and community vitality of Pendleton.”
“Oregonians from Redmond to Ontario will see firsthand how these shovel-worthy projects will positively impact their local communities and spur job growth,” said Merkley. “As we approach the 100th year of the Pendleton Round–Up, I’m particularly pleased this outstanding Oregon tradition will receive the support to grow and continue entertaining visitors for years to come.”

These projects are part of an omnibus appropriations bill that matches the one passed by the House of Representatives. The omnibus bill combined the Labor and Health and Human Services, Financial Services, Military Construction, Transportation/Housing and Urban Development, Commerce, Justice and Science, and State-Foreign Operations Appropriations bills. The vote held last weekend concluded the congressional appropriations process for those bills requiring only the president’s signature to become law.
Projects for Eastern and central Oregon include:
Redmond 5th and 6th Street Construction – $779,200
Funds will be used to remove and replace degraded pavement, curbs, and sidewalks.
U.S. Highway 97 and J Street Intersection Project in Madras – $681,800
Funds will be used to ensure a safe and efficient flow of interstate traffic through the intersection.
Pendleton Round-Up Facilities – $487,000
Funds will be used to improve facilities for the rodeo, which generates over $20 million annually for the county.
City of Hines Street Rehabilitation Project- $292,200
The requested funds will be spent on constructionto overlay, chip and seal city streets. Through the years, the City has invested millions of dollars to develop a comprehensive street and road network, and is struggling to maintain these existing roads with very little funding.  It is the goal of the project to overlay every road in the city because of their age and condition.
Ontario Railroad Underpass Rehabilitation and Reconstruction- $292,200
This project will provide for the reconstruction of the facility, modify the clearances, change the pedestrian crossing, correct the drainage issues, reconstruct the driving surface, improve the lighting and provide for landscaping.
Women Veterans Trauma Rehabilitation Center- $150,000  
Funds will be used to reconfigure and recommission the Eastern Oregon Training Center (EOTC) to offer post-acute and intermediate-term treatment and rehabilitation for women veterans who have suffered post-traumatic stress, brain trauma, sexual trauma, and related forms of debilitating physical and psychological injury in the course of military service
Moro 4th street Improvement Project – $123,060
Funds will be used to widen 4th street and include paved shoulders, curb and gutters, and improve drainage.
Northeastern Oregon Business and Economic Growth Project, Blue Mountain Community College – $100,000
This project is designed to fuel economic development in Northeastern Oregon, a rural, economically distressed region, with an at-risk population characterized by high poverty, high unemployment, and low educational attainment. It will expand access for the local population to a wider and deeper range of postsecondary education and training programs, to increase the number of skilled and educated workers in the region, and to establish the comprehensive postsecondary-education infrastructure required to attract new businesses to the area.
Cove Health Clinic – $100,000   
This funding will be used to help construct a 1,200 square foot health care services building in Cove, Oregon.  The building, leased to South County Health District professionals, will assist them in providing health care to underserved, rural residents.