Wyden, Merkley: Eastern Oregon Regional Airport Receives $150,000 in Federal Aid

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley today announced the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport in Pendleton will receive $150,000 in federal aid for safety improvements.

“Eastern Oregon residents and small businesses count on Pendleton’s airport to travel, transport goods and medical supplies, and contribute to their quality of life,” Wyden said. “I’m gratified these federal infrastructure funds are heading to this rural hub so it can keep being a secure and dependable transportation option for the entire region.”

“The Eastern Oregon Regional Airport in Pendleton is an important hub inviting businesses and travelers to take advantage of the economic and tourist opportunities of the region,” said Senator Merkley. “This funding will help keep everyone flying in and out of Eastern Oregon safe as they explore the vitality and natural wonders of the state.”   

The funds from the Federal Aviation Administration’s airport improvement program will be used to install perimeter fencing at the airport in Pendleton.

“These investments not only benefit the traveling public, but also create jobs, boost economic growth, and enhance our state’s competitiveness,” said Airport Manager Dan Bandel. “And we sincerely appreciate Senators Wyden and Merkley for their leadership and support in securing federal funding for these improvements as well as their advocacy for the Airport Improvement Program and the supplemental discretionary grants that ensure Pendleton receives the resources we need to maintain safety, security, and service quality.”