Afforadable Health Care


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Jeff knows that America’s health care system is complex and often outrageously expensive. In addition to working on legislation that would help lower costs and create a simple, seamless health care system, his team is also constantly working to help resolve his constituent’s health care issues, especially battles with insurance companies.

So when Jenifer contacted Jeff’s office about an expensive hospital bill that her insurance wouldn’t cover, his team got to work. Last winter, Jenifer’s daughter had a medical emergency and had to be rushed to an emergency room. Jenifer asked if the ambulance could take her daughter to an in-network hospital—but at the time, the region was blanketed with ice because of an unprecedented ice storm, so the EMTs were required to instead take her to the nearest hospital they could. The hospital was out of her daughter’s insurance network, and so Jenifer was saddled with the entire hospital bill—a whopping $9,500.

With insurance coverage, the hospital bill would be around $1,000—still very expensive, but a vast improvement. “I’m a single mom, so this difference in cost would help me immensely,” Jenifer wrote to Jeff’s office.

Jeff’s team relentlessly chased down the right people at Jenifer’s insurance carrier. For two months, the team tried every possible avenue, even contacting the Senior Vice President of the health insurance company.

Team Merkley’s hard work paid off and they were able to get Jenifer’s appeal reviewed by the insurance company. As a result, Jenifer’s bill dropped from $9,500 to $1,200.

“Thank you for helping with my appeal with my daughter’s insurance company,” Jenifer said. “I truly appreciate the work that you did on my behalf.”

Jeff knows that health care is a right, not a privilege. Helping out people like Jenifer motivates Jeff and his team to continue working to reform the health care system, so that quality, affordable coverage and care is available for all Americans.