Join me in calling on EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to recuse himself from dealings with fossil fuel companies he had correspondence with as Oklahoma Attorney General. It’ time for Pruitt to put fighting against climate change and for public health ahead of his oil and gas special interests.


Based on the over 3,000 emails recently released with the fossil fuel industry and his record as Oklahoma Attorney General, we have seen time and time again that Pruitt worked hand-in-glove with the fossil fuel industry—even copying and pasting their own words—to undermine responsible efforts to take on the climate change that is already wreaking havoc on communities in Oregon and across the country.


Time and time again, he has put fossil fuel polluters over the American people’s public health. He fought restrictions on dangerous methane leaks from oil and gas wells. He tried to block air quality actions that would generate nearly six billion dollars in health benefits and prevent 230,000 asthma attacks in children each year. And he opposed the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard meant to stop poisonous mercy, arsenic, lead and other pollutants from coal and oil-burning power plants from entering our communities and the environment.


Over the past few years, we have made significant strides in curbing climate change. We cannot let Scott Pruitt come in, roll back all the progress we have made, and give Big Oil and Gas free rein to destroy our health and environment. Let’s show Pruitt that we will not sit idly by as he aims to dismantle key environmental protections. Let’s send a message loud and clear that we will not stand by and watch the Environmental Protection Agency become the Polluter Protection Agency.


Sign your name to urge EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to put aside his fossil fuel special interests and stand up for public health and environmental protection, starting with recusing himself from dealings with his Big Oil and Gas buddies. Our economy, health and environment are depending on it.