Helping Get the Wheeler Post Office Re-Opened

Due to a massive rainstorm in December 2015, the Wheeler Post Office was forced to shut down, leaving the community unable to send or receive mail. The only option for residents was to go to the post office in Nehalem, but it proved too inefficient as the community could only get their mail between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. It became an obstacle for shift workers and elderly residents.

With the community facing an undue burden, the Mayor of Wheeler called Senator Merkley’s office to help reopen the Post Office. Jeff’s office jumped right in to help.

In order to alleviate some of challenges of the stop-gap solutions, Jeff’s team helped implement a system where the Postal Service would pick up mail from a box placed in front of the Wheeler Post Office. With a new system in place, the community could finally send out daily mail.

While trying to fill in the holes while the Post Office was closed, Jeff’s team continued to advocate for the Post Office to be re-opened. Jeff visited the Post Office while on a tour of the city of Wheeler and met with the mayor and city officials to learn why the Post Office had not been re-opened.

After seven months of advocating for a re-opening of the Post Office and temporary solutions by the community and Jeff’s team, the Wheeler Post Office re-opened on July 29. Read more about how Jeff helped the community of Wheeler: