Helping Oregonians


Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Jeff is committed to helping Oregonians get help they need with federal agencies—no matter where they are located in the world.


That is why when Diana Woods, an Oregonian who is currently living in France, reached out about her issues with the Social Security Administration, Team Merkley was eager to help. After working for 31 years in public service with state government, Diana had applied for Social Security benefits at the end of 2020. By April 2021, she still had not heard from the federal agency. Jeff’s office persistently contacted the Social Security Administration about Diana’s case over the next month, leading them to finally process her application.


“Thank you so much for this very good news!” Diana wrote to Jeff’s office. “I’m certain this is solely due to your assistance. I’m so grateful to you, Senator Merkley and your whole team for all the good work you folks do for every day Americans like me. We are very lucky to have you.”


By the end of May 2021, Diana received thousands of dollars of benefits she had been owed since January 2021, and has been receiving regular payments since—benefits she had earned after decades in the workforce.


Successfully helping out Oregonians like Diana motivates Jeff and his team to continue aiding constituents, no matter where they are in the country or on the globe.