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Thursday, August 7, 2023 KQEN On Wednesday, Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley announced that four rural Oregon Fire Departments, including two in Douglas County, will receive a combined nearly $2.2 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for firefighter recruitment and retention. Wyden said, “Firefighters have been working hard

Project at Ross Island could help stop the Willamette River from turning green

The recurring toxic algae bloom plaguing the Willamette River is in many ways a human-caused problem, and now it appears to have a human-made solution. Sunday, September 6, 2023 By: Chris McGinness KGW 8 PORTLAND, Oregon — Toxic algae blooms in the Willamette River have become a recurring summer problem in recent

Wyden, Merkley pledge transparency

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden and his former Republican colleague Gordon Smith received loads of positive press for working together on certain bills and even appearing together at some town hall meetings. With Smith gone and a fellow Democrat, Jeff Merkley, in his place, Oregon’s senators have embarked on an even

Merkley on recovery

Jeff Merkley, freshman Democratic senator from Oregon, was a big supporter of Barack Obama last fall, and he’s still a fan. Lately, he’s just been a little concerned. “Folks in key positions at the top of the Obama financial team are more oriented to Wall Street than families,” Merkley said

Merkley will look out for us in Congress

Jeff Merkley is sort of like the U.S. economy: He’s at the bottom, working his way up. In Merkley’s case, the bottom has to do with the U.S. Senate’s seniority system. But being a freshman senator hasn’t curbed his determination to help improve Oregon’s economy. Merkley has a seat at