Senator Merkley Holds TSA Accountable for Facial Recognition Use

Senator Merkley was back at Reagan Washington National Airport on Friday to hold the TSA accountable for their practices on using facial recognition technology, which the agency claims is “voluntary.”

Know that you can refuse to use facial recognition technology at the airport and you should be easily accommodated by an agent checking your physical ID.

Read more about Senator Merkley’s experience with facial recognition technology at the airport:

You ARE allowed to take photos and videos at a security checkpoint. From TSA’s own website: “TSA does not prohibit photographing, videotaping or filming at security checkpoints, as long as the screening process is not interfered with or sensitive information is not revealed. Interference with screening includes but is not limited to holding a recording device up to the face of a TSA officer so that the officer is unable to see or move, refusing to assume the proper stance during screening, blocking the movement of others through the checkpoint or refusing to submit a recording device for screening. Additionally, you may not film or take pictures of equipment monitors that are shielded from public view.”