Standing Up for Oregon Farmers

Jeff understands that climate change has a great impact on Oregon farmers. This is especially the case for areas of Eastern Oregon, which have been exceedingly dry in recent years.

That is why Jeff, as ranking member of the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee for Agriculture, pushed for funding for the Resilient Dryland Farming initiative. The Dryland Farming initiative is dedicated to advancing dryland farming practices. This includes methods to increase profitability, conserve resources, and decrease reliance on herbicides. These practices already allow some farms to grow high quality produce without a drop of water! Thanks to Jeff and his team, the Resilient Dryland Farming initiative will receive $2 million this year.

“Very glad to hear this!” Greg Goad, a Pendleton-area farmer, wrote to Jeff. “Chances for the family wheat farms in dry Eastern Oregon surviving and prospering just took a big leap forward thanks to Senator Merkley taking the lead in providing the much-needed funds for additional research in adapting to the hotter and dryer conditions we are all increasingly facing. … Without your support all along the way, we could not have got here.”

Jeff prioritizes sustainable innovation, so that Oregon can best cope with a changing climate, and reduce its impact on jobs and the economy. Jeff will continue to support Oregon farmers.