Tell Donald Trump To Support The Paris Agreement

Join me in urging the new Administration to uphold our commitment to fight climate change by supporting the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement seeks to combat climate change by keeping a global temperature rise well below 2 degrees Celsius for this century, in addition to helping countries deal with devastating impacts of climate change. Not only would pulling out of this agreement have disastrous implications for our environment, it would also be a major threat to our economy. It would be irresponsible to turn our backs on the potential for millions of good-paying clean energy jobs. It would be irresponsible to sit back while climate change continues to cost taxpayers billions of dollars every year from more frequent and more severe natural disasters. Let’s show the world that the environmental community is stronger than ever, and even more committed to our climate goals.

Sign your name to tell Donald Trump that America must continue to be a leader in the battle against climate change.