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Merkley, Wyden, Hoyle Urge VA to Build Roseburg Veterans’ Home

Washington, D.C. – Oregon’s U.S. Senators Jeff Merkley and Ron Wyden, alongside U.S. Representative Val Hoyle (OR-04), urge the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to urgently prioritize the application and funding for the Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs (ODVA) Roseburg Veterans’ Home project in Fiscal Year 2025. Currently, ODVA operates two high-quality,

Helping an Oregon Veteran Leave Behind his Legacy

America’s veterans have made countless sacrifices to protect our values and freedoms. Military medals and ribbons are critical symbols of recognizing these sacrifices, achievements, and dedication to duty, but sometimes veterans do not receive the medals they have earned and deserve.  When veterans run into roadblocks to accessing these key

Honoring Our PACT to Oregon Veterans and Their Families

Veterans and their families have stood up and sacrificed for our nation, and we must stand up for them.  That’s why his Jeff’s office sprung in to action to support Portland constituent Sri Benson on his mission to honor his late wife, Corporal Katherine “KT” Benson.  “We were high school sweethearts, and

Getting Immediate Help to Veterans in Crisis

With too many hoops and unnecessary obstacles in the way for veterans in crisis to receive help, Mr. Dan Davis called the Veterans Administration (VA) and the FCC with a recommendation to simplify the suicide hotline telephone number. Under the former system, military veterans seeking help and suicide prevention assistance

WWII Veteran Receives Well-Deserved Benefits with Help from Jeff Merkley

Harley Fitzhugh from Echo, Oregon lost his hearing in the Pacific Campaign during World War II, but had been denied disability and compensation benefits for years by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Veterans risk their lives for their country, and Jeff Merkley believes that when our veterans stand up for

Jeff Aids Homeless Veterans in Washington County

In December of 2012, Val Valfre, representing the Washington County Housing Authority (WCHA), contacted Jeff Merkley’s office in search of more VASH vouchers, which provide rental assistance for homeless veterans. Washington County had quickly gone through its initial housing vouchers and was seeing a huge increase in the number of

Veterans History Project

Oregonians have stepped up to serve in the United States Armed Forces for generations, or have family members, friends, and loved ones who have answered this call to service. Capturing the firsthand, lived experiences of our veterans is an important way we can honor their sacrifices and dedication to our

Military and Veterans

Jeff believes strongly in supporting our military both overseas and at home. Our veterans have stood up for us, and we must stand up for them. If you or someone you know is a veteran or currently serving in the military and seeking assistance, Jeff and his office stand ready


Oregon veterans have served our country honorably and sacrificed a great deal to protect our nation. It’s important to Jeff that Oregon veterans always have access to the educational opportunities, health care services and jobs assistance they deserve. Below you will find helpful links and resources for Oregon veterans as