Author: Marcy Sutter

Senator Merkley Speaks Out in Support of Aid for Ukraine

Senator Merkley spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate on November 7, 2023 in support of continued aid to Ukraine, highlighting that ripping aid for Ukraine out of the emergency supplemental bill would fracture the NATO alliance and weaken America’s leadership in defending democracy. He urged his colleagues to

Senator Merkley Questions Expert on Protecting Wetlands

Senator Merkley spoke with Dr. Mažeika Patricio Sulliván, Director of the Baruch Institute of Coastal Ecology and Forest Science at Clemson University, during an Environment and Public Works Committee hearing entitled “Examining the Implications of Sackett v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Clean Water Act Protections of Wetlands and Streams.”

Senator Merkley Chairs Subcommittee Hearing on Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics

Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley chaired a Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee hearing titled, “Evaluating Material Alternatives for Single-Use Plastics” on October 26, 2023. This is his opening statement from that hearing; you can find the full hearing here: Witnesses included: Marcus Eriksen, Ph.D. – Co-Founder, Executive Director –

Senator Merkley Chairs Hearing on Reducing Plastic Bottle Waste – Opening Statement

On September 28, 2023, Senator Merkley chaired a Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Chemical Safety, Waste Management, Environmental Justice, and Regulatory Oversight hearing titled “Examining Solutions to Address Beverage Container Waste,” the latest hearing in his series of hearings investigating plastic production and pollution and its impact on

Senator Merkley Chairs Hearing on Transnational Repression – Opening Statement

Senator Merkley co-chaired a Congressional-Executive Commission on China hearing titled “Countering China’s Global Transnational Repression Campaign” on September 12, 2023. His opening statement focused on the growing issue of transnational repression and the steps the United States needs to take to address this troubling trend. Earlier this year, Senator Merkley

Senator Merkley Highlights Contaminated Well Water in Rural Oregon

Senator Merkley highlighted the pressing issue of contaminated private well water in rural Oregon communities during a Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hearing titled “Implementing IIJA (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act): Perspectives on the Drinking Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Act, Part II” on September 7, 2023. Senator Merkley visited

Merkley Applauds Action to Incentivize Good-Paying Jobs in Clean Energy Transition

Senator had created the blueprint for using tax credits to incentivize good-paying and union jobs in renewable energy and EV expansion Oregon’s U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley released the following statement after the Biden administration released new guidelines to implement Inflation Reduction Act provisions that will boost the creation of high-quality,

Senator Merkley Speaks on Banning Legacy Admissions

Senator Merkley’s remarks from a press conference announcing the introduction of the Fair College Admissions for Students Act, which would ban the practice of giving preference to children of donors and alumni in the college admissions process on July 26, 2023. Read more about the bill: