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Merkley Monthly: Investing in Oregon’s ports

Tillamook Headlight Herald Oregon’s ports are not only vital for our state—they’re critical to America.   Just think back to the pandemic, when dozens of container ships had to wait to dock off the West Coast and Americans across the country felt the effects. Importance of the ports Fertilizer, furniture,

Wyden, Merkley secure millions in funding for Washington County community projects

Beaverton Valley Times More community-project funding is making its way to Washington County — courtesy of the 2024 spending bill recently signed into law by President Joe Biden. Oregon Democratic Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley announced Wednesday, March 27, that they secured a number of investments for essential initiatives, including

Climate Change Issue Takes Center Stage

Political and business leaders from the Northwest to Washington, D.C. stepped into the spotlight Thursday on the issue of climate change. Rob Manning reports. Within hours of each other Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency rolled out new greenhouse gas rules, leading Democrats in D.C. announced a Senate bill to deal

Merkley: Housing aid must pick up the pace

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., took administration officials to task on Thursday for the snail’s pace at which federal aid is reaching homeowners at risk of foreclosure. While the foreclosure rate in Central Oregon and nationwide remains high, lenders have been slow to modify mortgages for borrowers on

Merkley demands answers on mortgage relief funds

WASHINGTON – Expressing frustration at the slow pace of a key program, Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley is pressing federal officials to explain why $75 billion in funding to help people avoid foreclosure is not flowing faster to people in need. In a pair of letters this week to Treasury Secretary

Merkley says health care deal likely by year’s end

Sen. Jeff Merkley predicted Friday that Congress will create a health care reform package by Christmas that will pool participants and increase competition among insurers to reduce health care costs. During a conversation with three people in Medford, the Oregon Democrat said a government-managed public insurance program “remains the big

To get your mortgage modified, hit 3 –and wait

At the start of this year, when the U.S. economy seemed to be circling the drain and “green shoots” meant grass growing in the streets, everybody agreed it was essential to deal with the real estate crisis. To help people stay in their homes, the Obama administration –partly at the

The Senator Takes on Talking Points

The Huffington Post got it right.  Sort of. “Senator Calls Out Frank Luntz from the SenateFloor” read a June 10 headline on the national Internet news site.  Huffington Post’s political reporter Sam Stein had seized on a short speech that Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley made on the Senate floor, attacking