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Paul Ley

Jeff is committed to helping constituents deal with problems related to federal agencies and ensuring that every Oregonian receives the government benefits they are entitled to. Paul Ley reached out to Jeff when the Social Security Administration (SSA) failed to update his address after he had moved from New Mexico

Mark Woods

Jeff recognizes the sacrifices that veterans have made for this country, and strives to serve them with the excellence they deserve. Mark Woods retired from the Army in September 2005 with the rank of E6 (Staff Sergeant), but believed he was entitled to the rank of E7 (Sergeant First Class)

Diane Roelandt

Jeff understands that dealing with bureaucratic agencies can be cumbersome and at times frustrating. That’s why it is a priority for him and his team to help constituents navigate red tape. Diane Roelandt contacted Jeff’s office in March 2018 after unsuccessfully trying for over a year to resolve an issue

David Kaye

David Kaye lost his wife to a tragic snorkeling accident in the Caribbean in March of 2018, and through his mourning was tasked with handling all of her affairs. That’s when he encountered issues trying to claim his wife’s life insurance policy. The life insurance company refused to accept the

Grace Williams

Emily and Jamie Williams contacted Jeff’s office in late May 2018, after their young daughter, Grace, had been diagnosed with DIPG, an aggressive and terminal brain cancer. However, earlier in the spring of 2018, Grace had been accepted into a potentially life-saving clinical trial at the University of California-San Francisco

Susan Gilman

Helping veterans and their families navigate the Veterans Affairs system is one of Jeff Merkley’s top priorities. In the spring of 2017, Oregon constituent Susan Gilman had been unable to receive payments from the Survivors Benefits Plan (SBP) that had been arranged by her husband. She was scheduled to receive

Funding Education

One of the reasons Jeff decided to run for the Oregon State Legislature was to work towards building a better education system for his children. Jeff understands that a critical pillar of this system is ensuring that working families have affordable access to institutions of higher education and that these

Oregon’s Workforce Development

Summer 2017 saw a flurry of opportunities for Oregon’s workforce development. This last July, the Economic Development Administration invested $3 million in funds to renovate Treasure Valley Community College’s Career and Technical Education facility in Ontario, Oregon. The newly expanded facility will open the door for workers within the local

Lloyd Murders

The Veteran Affairs office provides aid and services to America’s heroes. Jeff is honored to assist Oregon veterans as they pursue the benefits their service guarantees. Last fall, Oregon veteran Lloyd Murders contacted Jeff and requested help redeeming the VA disability benefits he had been awarded earlier in the year.

William Goldman

Jeff Merkley understands the importance of detailed consideration when calculating veteran disability pensions. He is honored to provide advice and aid to Oregonian veterans as they maneuver the VA system. Jeff took action to help veteran constituent William Goldman redeem his disability benefits last summer when Mr. Goldman informed the